Just take a minute to look at that word, to feel that word. It is so easy to get caught in focusing on what is lacking in our lives, or at least what the internet says is lacking in our lives, but really focus on the word GRATEFUL. Are you really lacking? Around Thanksgiving every year, there are millions of posts and challenges about gratitude and making lists of what we are grateful for leading up to Thanksgiving. I challenge us to take it out of November.

Saturday I ran 16 miles. 16 MILES. SIXTEEN MILES. Now, I have ran a marathon before (26.2 miles), but 16 miles is the farthest I have ran outside of that marathon. My training for that race stopped at 14 miles and then I suffered through the race. 16 miles ran with my tribe. Even the sweet, injured Amber showed up at 5:30am with her beach cruiser to pit crew us for this run. How, in these moments, can we forget to be grateful? The run was hard, my legs were stiff, the ground was muddy, but I was running. I have the ability to put one foot in front of the other every day. I am grateful. I have friends that would show up on a beach cruiser to support my spirit. I am grateful. I have a significant other in my life that, for the first time in any of my previous relationships, is 100% team Molly. Supportive and present. I am grateful.

I have started making it a routine to go on my long runs on Saturdays and make sure to make it to Yoga with Rooted Yoga Community Project on Sundays. Stretching and meditating is the perfect way to round out the weekend. This past Sunday, during class, the teacher asked us to choose our mantra. It is always suggested to find one that starts with I AM. I am strong, I am present, I am enough…you get the picture. I AM GRATEFUL. It is amazing the power that statement can have. During plank poses, goddess poses and balancing, I am grateful was repeating like a broken record in my head. Were the poses hard? Yes. Was I able to hold them? Yes. We so quickly forget about those who cannot do things. Especially with my MS, I try to remember that there are many people who no longer have the ability to use their legs, who have constant pain, who are suffering. I am grateful that I am able to hold hard poses (even in the moments that it’s hard to remember), that I can run and that I can be fully present with those I love around me. Gratefulness can literally change the chemical make-up of your brain. So what are you grateful for?


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