Gilbert Half Marathon

Yesterday was the Gilbert Half Marathon/10k. Amber and I used the half marathon as our long run for the week because if you have to run 14 miles why not get a metal. Not everyone can be so fortunate as to run a race down the street from their house. This was a beautifully organized race. The race started at Higley High School. Parking was easy, bathrooms were plentiful and the start time of 7:30 allowed me to sleep in (5am)!!!! The race headed North on Recker Rd, caught the power line trail, ran through the Riparian and ended on Gilbert Rd running down the parade route. This race is nothing extravagant, but nothing and I mean NOTHING boost your moral at the end of a race when you need it most than high fiving 100s of kids on a parade route. The start of the race was chilly, but warmed off enough to ditch the gloves and long sleeve. Probably the most perfect race weather ever in the history of all time! Amber and I ran, we walked; we danced to the finish and all in all felt pretty good about the whole thing. I would like to point out (sorry Amber) that after the race as we were crossing the street to get our victory mimosas the announcer of the parade said “injured runner.” We both looked around and realized she was talking about Amber who was fighting a calf cramp (insert hysterical laughing crying emoji).

Now lets talk recovery. I highly, highly recommend an hour-long hot Epson salt filled bath and some foam roller. I can’t believe what that can do for a sore body. I woke up this morning feeling a lot less wrecked than I thought I would. That being said, I headed to a yoga class in Agritopia with Rooted Community Yoga Project. It was a whole practice on gratitude, filled with hip opening goodness. It’s almost like the university knew what I needed. Than what do you do when you finish the perfect yoga class? You get a Cashew snicker doodle cookie from the Uprooted Kitchen (be still my heart).

P.S. I ditched my gloves at around mile 6 because I didn’t want them in my pocket ($2.50 at Walmart). I decided if I still saw them there today I would stop and gran them. Guess what?!

Albert retrieving the gloves

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